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With its combination of interactive exhibits, simulators, and theaters, GulfQuest showcases exhibits located on eight (8) decks of a life-sized replica container ship. Students can Take the Helm of a boat simulator and study global systems with the NOAA exhibit, Science on a Sphere®, known at GulfQuest as Ocean Planet. Exhibits also encourage students to experiment with knot-tying, balancing cargo, and celestial navigation.


Reservations must be confirmed at least two weeks in advance. After booking is confirmed, the teacher who books the trip and one (1) other grade-level teacher can visit GulfQuest free by appointment to explore the exhibits and plan the field trip. This complimentary visit is only available to teachers who will be attending a GulfQuest field trip. It does not extend to family or friends.

Rates for field trips:

Pre-K $ 7.00 each

Students (Grades K-12) $ 8.00 each

Chaperones $10.00 each

Teachers Free Admission for two (2) teachers per field trip; $8 each additional teacher

Payment is due upon arrival or before.


Engaged adults are essential for successful field trips. Teachers and trained classroom volunteers are the preferred chaperones and all chaperones must commit to being with the students throughout their entire time in GulfQuest.

GulfQuest requests that each school group maintain the following minimum chaperone-to-student ratio:

• Preschool 1 adult for 3 students

• Elementary and Middle 1 adult for 5 students

• High School 1 adult per 7 students

It can be challenging for large groups to maneuver through eight decks of exhibits. To ensure the best experience for all visitors, Museum Educators and Guides will divide classes into manageably-sized groups, with teachers and chaperones in each group to ensure safety.


Plan on taking about 15 minutes to complete each reservation.

Call (251) 208-1039 Mondays through Fridays between 9:00 am. and 4:00 pm; or email the GQ Education Department. (, be sure to include “Field Trip” in the subject line!)

Have the following information ready:

• Preferred date and arrival/departure times

• Name of school, address, and best phone number for contacting the person booking the trip

• Name of the person in charge of the group and his/her phone number

• Grade level and the number of students, teachers, and chaperones attending

• Plans for lunch

All payments are due upon arrival on the day of the field trip and should be made to GulfQuest.

Once the field trip is booked, GulfQuest staff will send the following documents via email:

1. Confirmation Statement/Invoice

2. Itinerary and Museum Map

Please inform GulfQuest of any changes at least 48 hours before the field trip.

Please contact the Education Department least one full calendar week ahead if it is necessary to cancel the field trip. In the event of a late arrival, please notify Guest Services at (251) 436-8901 so staff can plan accordingly.


Buses may pull up to the front steps to unload and load. Bus parking is available on Royal Street (across the railroad tracks and Water Street) and along the river side of the GulfQuest parking lot (a staff member will direct bus drivers once on site).

A greeter from GulfQuest will meet your bus when it arrives. The greeter will direct the teacher in charge to the designated Check-In area. To expedite the process, have Confirmation Statement and an exact count of students and adults ready to show at the Guest Services Desk.


If bringing lunches, bring them in cardboard boxes with the school’s name printed on the side. Upon arrival, load lunches on carts that will be marked with school’s name and push them into the building. Once inside, GulfQuest staff will take the carts to a secure area. The lunches will be delivered to the lunchroom at the designated lunchtime for each group.

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