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Dear GulfQuest Supporters—Current and Future:

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Are you one of the people who learn by doing? Do you know how to tie a clove hitch or buntline hitch knot? And, perhaps more importantly if you are actually on the water, do you know the practical applications of each? You can practice knot-tying at GulfQuest, the National Maritime Museum of the Gulf of Mexico, in the hands-on exhibit, Nautical Knots on Deck 2A. Keep the exhibit in mind if you or a member of your family needs to practice for a badge!

Our hope is that visitors have an enjoyable experience here at GulfQuest while learning about America’s Amazon and the people and industries surrounding it.

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In addition to the museum, GulfQuest has a fabulous gift shop, Treasures, where one can purchase everything from jewelry to caps and from toy sea-creatures to books by local authors and on local topics.

Gilbreath Gulf Chat

The second week of May is coming right up, so mark your calendars and reserve your seats to hear Harbormaster Terry Gilbreath present a GulfChat on Thursday, 11 May 2023 at 6:00 pm at GulfQuest.


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Mary Elizabeth Harper

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